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DigiUpdate #1

1. The Churned: Yeo Valley Boy Band- UK

Yeo Valley have produced a 2 minute ad featuring a mock band which aired during the UK X-Factor last Saturday. Rather than going with a standard spot ad they have created a bespoke piece of content that is not only worthy of watching but also has created conversation around the brand.

Creating this kind of worthy content is difficult but does demonstrate the positive impact it can have far beyond a standard brand ad. In addition to the TV ad they have taken this idea digital and have engagement pieces across their social eco-system. The Twitter hash #yeovalley was the number one trending topic globally. The song even made the top 30 on iTunes in the UK.

2. VW light Paintings- Canada

Something nice out of Canada from VW. Ambient meets digital.

For the launch of the new Jetta GLI, VW have created galleries in cities across Canada. The pop-up galleries were designed to allow people to easily ‘steal’ the framed limited edition photos

Messaging on the back of the pictures encourage the ‘thieves’ to share their story online using the #VWArtHeist tag. There has been significant traction online following this.

What is particularly nice about this execution is the continued progression from ambient to social. The second stage of this activity involves VW giving clues out online as to the location of new pieces of art work for people to go out and ‘steal’…

Maybe there could have been some form of Google map aspect to this activity, or even a four Square aspect to the activity…?

3. Sacred Screens- UK

This is an interesting thought piece from Russell Davies on people understanding their screens and the relationships they have with them. There is more to come from him on this…

4. Occupy Wall Street- USA

A lot has been written and reported on the protests taking place in NYC, across America, battling numerous issues mainly focused around the inequality within America.

The organisation of Occupy Wall Stream has been driven by their smart us of social media, but it goes much further than just Twitter and Facebook; social media is helping generate funding to allow the campaign to continue, and also to crowd source resources to produce a Newspaper and co-ordinate press releases.

On the lighter side of Occupy Wall Street activity, is this tumblr blog on The Sexy Side of Protesting Corruption:

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